R&M Works
Manufactured in
Moses Lake, WA
Belly Tank for the Honda Valkyrie
This Valkyrie Belly Tank was originally designed for use with a Supercharged
Valkyrie.  When I installed a LaMonster Supercharger (from MagnaCharger) on
my Valkyrie, my mileage dropped significantly.  So I started doing research on
fuel tanks and auxiliary tanks.  I wasn't satisfied with the options so I developed
one that fit my needs much better.  It is barely visible, it has a very low CG and
holds 3 gallons.  It functions virtually seamless when installed.  You will only
notice a quiet noise from the fuel pump and the extra gas you put in your tank.  
It has functioned very well for me for the past year and continues to.  I saw this
as a possible item others could use.
Picture  taken by Carefree Hwy, AZ
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